How to Install Millboard Bullnose Boards

How to Install Millboard Bullnose Boards

August 9, 2018

Bullnose boards may be incorporated in the design of your deck. Here's some tips on installing your Millboard bullnose boards for the best result.

Points covered in this video:

  • First you need to decide the overhang of the bullnose boards, and the height of the fascia. This overhang can be a maximum of 40mm from the front of the fascia
  • If you are installing strip lighting then you can router out a groove on the underside of the board
  • When you come to miter the edges, it's best to cut from the centre of a board, using both halves of the board for ease of installation and to account for natural variance in grain and tone
  • It is recommended to use PU wood glue to bond the core material, and superglue for the surface
  • When two edging lengths come together along a single side of the deck, a 45 degree angled back-cut should be made so that one piece slides on top of the other. These angles should be painted with touch-up paint before being fixed
  • Use a string-line to install the first length of bullnose board. It's essential that this first board is straight


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