Why you should install metal trim between timber flooring and carpet transitions

Advice | February 4, 2021

We recommend a metal trim (such as our brass trims) to be installed between the transition from timber flooring to carpet on any projects where there is going to be high foot traffic, rolling furniture and/or a variety of footwear are going to be worn. We also recommend installing them around the edge of any rugs or mats that are inlaid into the floor. Metal trims greatly assist in protecting the edge of your floorboards from wear and tear - not to mention they look pretty classy!

How do they protect the edge of the floor boards? For example, where foot traffic moves between carpet and timber flooring the carpet often compresses, leaving the timber edge raised and susceptible to damage. If somebody stands on the timber flooring edge in a stiletto heel this can cause a lot of stress on the floor edge leading to chipping or splintering. A metal trim installed along the edge of the timber helps to protect the edge and avoid such damage.

example: Timber flooring without metal trim

Photo taken of a commercial project with high foot traffic. Note how the flooring edge is splintering due to the pressure being put on that area.


Photo taken of the same commercial project with high foot traffic. Note how the flooring edge is intact as it is protected by the brass trim.

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