Supplied raw without any finishes, Pro-plank is a canvas for customization. Available in a variety of different plank widths and patterns, this range can be custom finished to create the perfect colour to bring your vision to life.

What is Pro-Plank?

Pro-Plank is a collection of engineered timber products which are supplied unfinished (without any stains or finishing coatings), which allows you to achieve a custom look by having your floor stained/finished on site after installation. The Pro-Plank range boasts a variety of options - from different plank widths to herringbone and chevron patterns - enabling you to create a bespoke look for your space. A 25 year residential warranty and 5 year commercial warranty is supplied with Pro-Plank. 

Why choose Pro-Plank?

People usually choose pro-plank when they have a specific colour or finish that in mind which is not available in our pre-finished ranges. Pro-plank is ideal for those who prioritise a specific look for their space who also want the assurance of a quality, long-lasting engineered timber. It is a popular choice in both residential homes and commercial projects due to its adaptability. 

How does Pro-plank compare to other Forté collections?

The Pro-plank collection is the only unfinished timber flooring range that we supply. Pro-plank features a range of standard plank and parquet styles in both prime and feature grades. Available in 15mm thickness, Pro-plank’s wear layer (area above the tongue that can be re-sanded) is 4mm, meaning it can be sanded back 2-3 times over its lifetime if required. Due to its stable engineered construction it is likely to outlast a solid timber floor of the same dimensions.

Where can Pro-plank be Used?

Pro-plank can be on floors, walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial spaces. Pro-plank is compatible for use with most types of under floor heating.

Pro-Plank Projects