How to Clean Millboard Decking

How to Clean Millboard Decking

August 9, 2018

Millboard is an extremely low maintenance decking product. To keep it looking its best we've highlighted some hints and tips to ensure your outdoor space retains its beauty.

Points covered in this video:

  • Although Millboard resists mould and algae, over the seasons it will often get a buildup of dirt, especially if it's in a sheltered position under a tree 
  • This is simply removed by using washing up liquid mixed with warm water. A stiff broom can then be used to scrub the deck with the water
  • It is recommended to clean the deck as soon as dirt appears, or at least every 12-18 months
  • If stubborn stains are not removed with this method, then neat bleach can be used with a stiff brush. Always test in a small area first to ensure the bleach does not damage the boards. This can then be washed off with plenty of water -just be sure to wash the bleach away from nearby plants


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