Forté. We care.

Forté is a family-owned business with a passion for timber that stems from over 25 years of experience in the industry. We provide an exceptional collection of timber surfaces - from flooring to wall coverings, decking and more - designed to help you create captivating, enduring spaces.

We are committed to environmental responsibility, and our collection is constantly evolving with global and national trends so that we can provide exciting, unique timber solutions that New Zealanders will love.

Our business is built on three unshakeable pillars

They are the foundation of who we are. They influence how we work and how we care for our products, our clients, our people, products and environment.


Family Values Forté was founded in family, when James Piesse set out to create a business that would serve his 8 children and the generations beyond.


Generational Experience Knowledge, heritage and experience is passed between generations to guide us and shape our future.


Enduring Quality We put quality into every aspect of our work; employing the best people, challenging the status quo, listening to our customers, and providing products that will stand the test of time.

Spanning three generations and over 35 years, we are a family business through and through.

We have a deeply ingrained love and understanding of timber. The way we work with our clients and homeowners shows that one thing has never changed since the family founded the business – our commitment to care.

Everything we do is approached with the utmost care, to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable spaces to live and work.

We provide exceptional service and unparalled expertise. And with our focus on care, we ensure that our business never loses sight of the commitment to the family on which it is founded.

Behind the scenes

Our Legacy