Mapei Ultrabond S997 1K Adhesive 600cc

Mapei Ultrabond S997 1K Adhesive 600cc



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A One-component, solvent-free adhesive, suitable for fixing risers and treads to wooden stairs, bonding wooden skirtings, bead-laying three-layered pre-finished parquet, installing wood mosaics on walls.

  • Code: MAP-UB997
  • Availability: Stocked
  • Application: Engineered timber flooring, wall and ceiling timbers
  • Ready-to-use, requiring no catalyser or mixing
  • Supplied in aluminium soft-cartridges for easy application with an extrusion gun
  • Thixotropic; may be applied in thick layers on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • No expansion even when applied in thick layers - does not alter the planarity of the steps laid
  • May also be used by floor-layers allergic to epoxy and epoxy-polyurethane products
  • Does not contain solvents or isocyanates


Product Name Mapei Ultrabond S997 1K
Product Code MUB997SAU
Product Type Adhesive
Suitable Uses Laying risers and treads on wooden stairs, bonding wooden baseboards, bead-laying three-layered, pre-finished parquet, installing wood mosaics on walls
Components Single component, no mixing required
Coverage [See manufacturer's guidelines]
Wood Density 1.45 ± 0.05
Application Method Extrusion gun
Suitable Substrates All types
Directions [See manufacturer's guidelines]
Unit Size 600cc aluminium tube

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