Millboard Envello Cladding offers a versatile and low maintenance, authentic timber look for long-lasting exteriors in New Zealand.

Hand-moulded from carefully selected natural timber, our cladding provides the assurance of UV resistance and eliminates the risk of warping, rotting and twisting.

Explore our premium range of Millboard Envello Cladding to find the perfect solution for your project.

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  • Standard Size 3600mm Lengths – No random size lengths
  • Low Maintenance – Only requires washing to maintain
  • Low Cost In Use – No recoating is required
  • Hidden Fixings – No visible fixings
  • Prefinished – Available in 5 x Precoated Colours
  • No End Grain Sealing Required – Millboard is inert in composition and not effected by moisture
  • Batten Spacings – Less batten’s required compared to other cladding materials
  • Prefinished – No additional onsite coatings required


Why is Millboard Envello a premium choice for exterior cladding?

Millboard Envello Cladding is a composite cladding material made from a blend of fibre-reinforced resin-mineral filler and a Lastane surface. Each board is moulded from handpicked timber samples, providing an authentic and natural appearance. Millboard cladding requires no maintenance and does not warp or rot. It is also resistant to leaching and stains, ensuring your cladding looks its best for many years to come.

What are the benefits of Envello cladding over cedar cladding?

While cedar cladding is a popular type of timber cladding because of its durability and rich colour, it requires a lot of maintenance over time to stop it discolouring and to ensure no moisture gets into the timber which becomes costly over the life of the product. Millboard Envello Cladding, however, is a cost-effective composite cladding product that requires no maintenance or staining and is inert in composition meaning it is not effected by moisture, ensuring value for money over its lifespan.

Does Millboard Envello Cladding give you value for money?

Understanding the total cost of a cladding system over its lifetime and what ongoing maintenance costs are involved are important. Millboard Envello Cladding is designed for people who appreciate the fine aesthetics of natural timber cladding, without the ongoing costs and maintenance that comes with it. Create the look without the maintenance, Millboard Envello is a true low cost in use cladding solution, that comes prefinished and doesn’t require ongoing staining or oiling, to save time and money over the life of the product.