Wood Panelling

The beauty of wood is often used to add warmth and texture to an interior – not only on floors but increasingly on walls and ceilings.  Find out how wood panelling can add colour, warmth and style to your commercial or residential project.

Why Use Timber for Interior Walls and Ceilings?

There is nothing quite like timber panelling on walls and ceilings to make a space stand out.  For both commercial and residential buildings, interior panelling adds stunning architectural flair, giving a room a feeling of luxury, warmth and style.

1. Aesthetics
Timber is a beautiful material that can add a relaxing and soft ambience to any room.  Available in a variety of styles and finishes, timber panelling works in almost any interior – and is the perfect way to add instant character and personality to a space.  And because no real wood planks are exactly the same, every panelled wall will be unique.

2. Versatility
Wood panelling can work as a high-drama feature or a subtle background.  It can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally to achieve different architectural effects.  It can help to elongate walls, giving rooms the appearance of added size and height, or make a space feel more cosy and intimate.

3. Mood Enhancing
Natural wood has been proven to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Timber feels better because it is better.

4. Insulation
Wood is a natural insulator and its use on walls and ceilings can help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a space.

5. Low Maintenance
Once installed, timber walls and ceilings require little-to-no maintenance and will retain their original appearance for a long time.  Further, timber wall panelling does not scuff or mark as easily as paint or wallpaper.

6. Easy to Install
Timber wall and ceiling panelling is lightweight and easy to handle.

7. Environmentally Friendly
Wood panelling uses a renewable resource and is also available in reclaimed wood options that are both affordable and stylish.

    Wood Panelling Collections

    A mid-range collection of reclaimed engineered timber wall panelling products, designed to bring character and texture to interior

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    A mid-range collection of engineered timber planks with an exclusive raw-look finish, designed with style and quality in mind

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    An enduring collection of engineered timber planks designed with affordability and style in mind

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    A mid-range collection of reclaimed engineered timber wall panelling, designed to bring rustic charm to any interior

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    A mid-range collection of engineered timber wall panelling with a saw-marked texture, designed to create a luxurious cabin feel

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    Bespoke timber flooring and wall covering products exclusively created for your space

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