Luxurious textural wall panelling with a distinct rough-sawn finish. The Tactile range is a luxury wall and ceiling covering product for those seeking a sophisticated, luxury finish in their space.

What is Tactile? 

An impeccable range of engineered Oak wall panelling with a distinct textural finish. The Tactile collection features 2 stunning pre-finished colours with heavily textured saw-marked finishes, which add a luxurious and sophisticated element to any interior. This product comes in wide 240mm planks, with a 15mm thickness and a 4mm wear layer of solid European Oak. A 25 year residential warranty and 5 year commercial warranty is supplied with Tactile. 

Why choose Tactile? 

Tactile is the perfect choice when luxury ambience is desired. The heavily textured saw-marked effect combined with the modern stain colours results in a look reminiscent of luxury lodges and cabins. Tactile is of a stable engineered construction making it ideal for those wanting a stable, long-lasting product. This product is a popular wall covering choice in both residential and commercial interiors, including luxury homes, premium accommodation, hospitality venues, commercial offices and more.

How does Tactile compare to other Forté collections?

A collection of 15mm thick engineered products in wide 240mm boards with a heavy saw-mark textured surface. Tactile is our only wall coverings product in this distinct finish, although our Villa flooring collection has a similar yet more subtle saw-marked surface effect. 

Where can Tactile be Used?

Tactile is popular product for feature walls, ceilings, counter fronts and more.  Due to its intensely textured surface, this product is not suitable for flooring.

Tactile Projects