Reclaimed planks that have been salvaged and re-worked into beautiful interior planks that retain their authentic, reclaimed origin. In a variety of finishes, dimensions and patterns, imondi is for those who are wanting a dash of history and character in their space.

What is imondi? 

Imondi is a collection of reclaimed timbers that have been reworked into beautiful interior engineered planks that retain their authentic reclaimed look. Focused on handcrafted and sustainable slab rescue, Imondi planks are salvaged from old boats, barns, wooden poles in the Venetian canals and more. The finished products introduce an element of nature, depth and texture to interiors whilst infusing a spirit of history, innovation and creativity – a talking point in any interior. Imondi is available in various thicknesses, colours and textures. Herringbone and Chevron patterns are also available on request. 

Why choose imondi? 

People opt for Imondi when they are looking to bring a rustic or character feel to a space, or when they want to introduce a unique, one of a kind texture with an interesting story. Every plank is unique and beautiful in it's own right, making it exclusive to your space. Imondi is for those who are wanting a sustainable option without sacrificing impeccable quality and luxury. Think high end homes, luxury accommodation, hospitality and more. This product has an engineered construction which minimizes the waste of reclaimed timber by using it only on the face of the board, while the base is made from cross-directional ply which provides ultimate stability. Imondi is both FSC-certified and LEED-compliant.

How does imondi compare to other Forté collections?

Imondi is our only reclaimed range and is supplied exclusively in New Zealand through Forté. Imondi products feature a stabilized engineered construction like all of our other flooring ranges. Due to the reclaimed nature of the product, lengths tend to vary quite a lot and and widths tend to be narrower and are supplied mixed. 

Where can imondi be Used?

All imondi products can be on walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial spaces, selected products can be used on floors. Imondi is especially popular to be used on feature walls, counter front, doors and more. Note, this product can also be fire-coated for commercial projects.

Imondi Projects