How To Prevent Sun Damage on Timber Flooring & other Wood Products

October 27, 2020

Timber products are susceptible to damage from sunlight and UV exposure. We highly recommend ensuring some form of UV protection in your home to protect your floors and ensure their longevity.


For ultimate protection of your natural timber products, and particularly darker coloured timber products, we recommend both of the options below. Consider these measures as an investment for the long run as they will not only protect your timber floor and/or wall coverings, but your carpet, furniture and other décor as well. 

  • UV glass protection - Standard window glass typically blocks an insufficient percentage of UV rays. There are now coatings, treatments and films that can increase the UV protection through doors and windows of your home. Ideally you want a product that can block UV rays as well as reduce the heat that enters the space
  • Sun filter blinds or sheer curtains (even if just in the main sun-exposed areas) - These are great for filtering harsh sunlight and there are options that you can leave closed without inhibiting too much of your view


We realize that not everyone may have the budget to install UV glass protection, sun filter blinds or sheer curtains just for the sake of protecting their floors. We respect that sometimes you have to work with what you've got - which may be regular curtains or blinds. 

  • Shutters or Venetian blinds - Close when the sun is at its harshest
  • Regular curtains - Close when the sun is at its harshest

Some people may choose not to provide any sunlight & UV protection measures at all. This is against our recommendations and done at the owners own risk. We would strongly advise against this for sunny spaces especially those with darker coloured timber floors or wall products installed. 

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