5 Questions with Rustic Cambridge Residence Owners

5 Questions with Rustic Cambridge Residence Owners

October 18, 2017

The owners of this new build in Cambridge answer 5 quick questions about their new floor and what it was like working with Forté.

Why did you choose this particular product? / What were you looking for in a floor?

We chose this product because of the natural character of the boards, to add warmth to our home, because of its durability and the amazing colour and lovely big size of the boards.

How are you finding the product now it's installed?

Amazing! Easy to keep clean and forgiving to due to the natural colours and characteristics of the boards

How did you find your experience with Forté?

Great experience, we were able to organize and choose the floor through samples and conversation around what we wanted via phone. We managed to get exactly what we were looking for.

Would you recommend Forté and why?

Yes, I think Forté stocks and is able to access the most beautiful wooden floor boards around. Great support and advice around installation etc.

Any other comments you'd like to add?

The floor boards are definitely one of our favourite features of our home!


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