Millboard core colour is changing

Millboard core colour is changing

Product News | May 1, 2019

In line with their continuous improvement ethos and in listening to their customers, Millboard have revealed they are changing the core colour of all Millboard decking boards.

Until now the shade has been a natural cream, this will now be pigmented to a grey hue and rolled out gradually across all board finishes and colours. The new colour has been specifically chosen so that when boards are cut, it aligns closely to the shadow tone in order to provide an aesthetically-pleasing finish.

Millboard still recommends completing the deck perimeters with the Bullnose Board or Square Edging as they not only provide the perfect finishing touch, they are designed with extra Lastane to reduce wear on the edges. If you choose not to use the edging, Millboard recommend using the Touch-up Coating on the exposed edges for UV protection.


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