Poured Pleats House

Ponsonby, Auckland



The roofline mimics a series of corrugated iron gables on the original house with concrete weatherboards also linking to the original building design.

The pleated addition creates a dramatic social space that opens up to the garden, maximising natural light to the interior and providing a framed view of the suburbs beyond.

The interior has a slight 1970s style with a classic, high stud ceiling in the hallway with bedrooms and bathrooms leading off either side. More bedrooms run down the North-western side of the building and overlook a long lap pool that is nearly the same length as the building itself. The main living area, which drops down about a metre, is the heart of the building and merges numerous shapes, timbers and concrete, harmoniously merging old and new architecture.

Smartfloor Blond Oak has been laid throughout the living areas of this home adding a light, fresh element to the space. Blonde Oak is a feature grade European Oak with knots and character that pairs a lightly brushed texture with a low-sheen finish.


Jack McKinney Architects


David Straight

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