Millboard Slip Resistance

Millboard Decking Slip Resistance

October 27, 2020

A common issue with a lot of decking products is their slipperiness when wet. And it isn’t just poolsides and wet weather that poses the hazard; timber-based decking is prone to algae and fungal growths that can make the surface even more slippery. Even conventional composite decking can suffer from these problems, due to its timber content. In contrast, Millboard decking is made from an entirely wood-free material that is not affected by algae and fungal growth – providing anti-slip decking no matter the conditions.

Each Millboard decking board is formed from a unique resin/mineral composite, with no wood content at all. As a result, there is nothing to encourage algal or fungal growth, and our unique Lastane® coating has tremendous anti-slip performance. But while Millboard decking avoids the problems associated with wood, it manages to retain all wood’s beauty. Moulded from carefully selected oak samples and coloured by hand, its grain and colouring make it virtually indistinguishable from real timber.

When it comes to safety regulations, Millboard’s anti-slip decking passes independent tests, easily surpassing the British Standard Institute’s and Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines. In the wet especially, it significantly out-performs any wood or wood composite decking. Millboard's Weathered Oak range has a wet slip resistance of rating of 54 while their Enhanced Grain is 51 - both far above the 36 required to pass the requirement for low slip flooring. This figure increases when referring to slopes which goes up to 45 PTV (Pendulum Test Value) for a 5 degree slope, although most slopes are 3-4 degrees, nonetheless Millboard still far exceeds the requirement which many composite decking manufacturers fail to meet.

Millboard’s decking is backed up by accessories that match its performance. Various edging options, all incorporating the same natural wood-grain, ensure your deck has the perfect finish. If you’re looking for safe, anti-slip decking that doesn’t sacrifice looks to achieve its performance, you won't be disappointed with Millboard. Take a look at the different styles and colours we offer and order your free samples. You’ll soon be on your way to having your own dream deck!

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