Top Tips for Stylish Transitions

Advice | July 18, 2019

Transitions between areas of timber flooring and other floor coverings such as concrete, carpet and tiles don't have to be ugly or boring! Read on for some ideas on how to create a stylish transitions.

Metal trims

IMAGES 1-8: Think brass, copper, matte black and more! Metal trims are an excellent way to define the transition between timber flooring and other flooring surfaces. They are becoming increasingly common as not only do they look good, they also help to protect the edge of your floorboards from wear and tear - click here to find out more. Metal trims can be slim and discreet, or super wide to make a statement. However be aware that metal trims can scratch and the wider the trim is the more noticeable scratches will be! 

Timber borders

IMAGES 9-10: Timber borders have the ability to elevate a space and give a classy feel - herringbone and chevron flooring in particular can look incredible when finished with a border. Borders can be made with flooring planks by laying them length-ways along the transition where your timber flooring meets another surface. You can choose to leave the planks at their original width, or if you prefer a narrower border you can have them cut down to size by your installer. A wider border can work well in larger spaces for impact. A narrower border gives a more understated look which works well in smaller spaces.

Timber borders with metal trim

IMAGES 11-12: For a truly stunning transition you can combine a timber plank border together with a metal trim. The trim could be placed on the inside of the border, the outside, or even inlaid into the plank! The world is your oyster - go wild an use your imagination!

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