Millboard Duolift Joist Support System

Introducing Millboard's new DuoLift joist support system

Product News | March 10, 2021

Millboard's new DuoLift® joist pedestal system has been designed to make installation significantly easier and to ensure successful outcomes. Providing substantial height flexibility within four stackable components, DuoLift® removes the common problem of having to order varying height pedestals for a single area. Height-adjustable from 15mm, DuoLift™ makes accurate height-setting easy, and is self-levelling from 35mm upwards. DuoLift is the decking installer’s dream!

With DuoLift®, you can quickly achieve a level support system that won’t rot, split or host algae growth. DuoLift®’s range of feet, pedestals, risers and cradles are even suitable for use in damp environments.

Simple stackability for height flexibility

Multiple height combinations from four sturdy components. With a selection of components on site, installation delays can be avoided.

Universal support for all types of frames

DuoLift is designed to support a range of joists - from DuoSpan, to Plas-Pro, to timber.

Straightforward installation

This user-friendly support system makes installation significantly easier and ensures a successful outcome, every time. With its combination of stackable components, not only does the system remove the need to have multiple height pedestals over a single area, but it also allows painless adjustment from 15mm to 60mm within the cradle, and an impressive total elevation capability of 600mm with the maximum combination of locking components.

“An excellent solution. It’s stable, technically advanced and superior in every way.”
- Stephen McAllister, Approved Millboard Installer

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