Millboard Decking chosen for Channel 4 TV London

August 13, 2017

Millboard UK provide new decking for Channel 4 TV, transforming a shabby unused area into a stylish multi-purpose space

The problem

At the end of April 2017, Well Done Construction contacted Millboard UK regarding a project at Channel 4’s headquarters building. Acting under main project managers GTA Interiors, they were instructed to renovate an existing terrace for staff to use as a breakout area. The terrace offered an attractive outdoor option but the wooden decking had stained badly with time, with algal growth that made it slippery – dangerously so when wet.

"…the wooden decking had stained badly with time, with algal growth that made it slippery – dangerously so when wet."

The solution: A high class terrace for a high profile brand

The Millboard UK Project Team liaised closely with Well Done Construction from the outset, providing detailed specification data to support their pitch to Channel 4. One specific feature Well Done wanted to deliver was to lay the decking radially out from the building to fill the quarter circle shape of the terrace. This was achieved by sawing every fifth board down from 165mm at the outer edge of the quarter circle to 125mm at the end butting against the external glass wall of Channel 4’s building to create a pleasing curved effect.The order was confirmed at the end of June 2017. Millboard UK supplied 370m² of Enhanced Grain decking in Charred Oak, together with matching fascia boards and square edging, and a Plas-Pro sub-frame. The work was completed under a month later, meeting the deadline set for the project.

"We proposed Millboard because of our previous excellent experience with its long-lasting quality and the ease of work with this material." - Pawel Madry, Well Done Construction.

The outcome

Channel 4 is delighted with the results. The new decking has lifted the terrace area from being a rather shabby, underused space to somewhere supremely  stylish where staff can relax, hold meetings or entertain visitors. The Millboard decking requires no special maintenance and its anti-slip properties make it safe for everyone to move around on it with confidence. In the longer term, it will not rot or attract algae, so will maintain its looks and usability for many years to come.


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