Ultra Vintage Oak to be replaced by Ultra Marron Oak

Ultra Vintage Oak to be replaced by Ultra Marron Oak

August 24, 2020

Ultra Vintage Oak has always been the outlier in our Ultra range - the only style with a heavy feature grade and featuring hand-scraping and part-filled knots and cracks. Now that our less rustic version of the same colour (Smartfloor Marron Oak) has been discontinued we felt it necessary to replace Ultra Vintage Oak with a less rustic version - hence the introduction of Ultra Marron Oak! We will be looking to introduce more rustic styles with features similar to those of the discontinued Ultra Vintage Oak in the future.


• Colour
• Dimensions (21mm H x 189mm W x 1.9m L / 6mm wear layer)
• Price


• Grade (less rustic) - Marron Oak comes in Feature grade instead of Vintage Oak's Heavy feature grade. This means it will still have knots and general feature, but no larger cracks or knots
• Texture (smoother, more uniform texture) - Marron Oak has a standard Brushed texture as opposed to Vintage Oak's brushed texture with hand-scraping, part-filled knots and cracks

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