What makes the Moda stair nosing better?

Product News | May 5, 2020

Previous flooring collections (namely, Smartfloor & Ultra) featured a stair nosing tread that was only 70mm wide, this meant that on a normal 280mm deep stair tread, an additional 1.2 plank-widths (besides the nosing) were required to cover each step. This resulted in 2 joints per step, which didn't look very attractive - and with all the cutting required It also resulted in a lot of wastage.

The wider 130mm tread on the stair nosings from our new Moda collection means that on a normal 280mm deep stair tread, you should only require a single 190mm plank-width of Moda flooring (besides the 130mm stair nosing) to cover each step - resulting in a tidier look with a single joint near the centre of the step (and less wastage).

By altering the design of our Moda stair nosing, we've improved the aesthetic outcome, while decreasing the amount of product waste. We hope you find the Moda stair nosings a pleasure to work with.


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