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Bespoke Wood Flooring

Bespoke Wood Flooring

Looking for something truly unique? We'd love to help your dreams become reality!

At Forté, we understand that every space is different, and everyone’s vision is unique. We have years of experience in working with wood flooring & wall covering manufacturers from all over the world, and have built up a network of suppliers that we believe to be some of the world’s best. Thanks to this, we have the ability to source a wide range of bespoke products for our clients - from unique colours, to specific widths, lengths and thicknesses, distressing, unique textures, patterns, shapes and more. Because we are the specialists, you can take pride in knowing that your bespoke crafted timber has been thoroughly tested by us, with our guarantee that it will perform to the Forté standard.

We enjoy working alongside our clients to make the impossible happen, no matter what the dream or specifications. Our passionate team of product specialists are here to listen to your vision and help you find a solution. Contact us today to start crafting your Bespoke product!
  • Code: BESP-FLOOR
  • Availability: Custom Order | Lead Time: 4 - 8 months | MOQ: 80m²

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