Buyer Awareness - Natural Timber Products

October 27, 2018

We endeavor to educate our customers honestly and clearly about what to expect from a natural timber product to ensure you don't get any unexpected or unwanted surprises.

Batch Variation

There may be natural colour variation between batches - it is recommended to request a current batch sample if this is of concern to you. Note: There will be colour variation within batches that cannot be represented from a small sample.

Colour and Grain Variation

Wood is a natural product and will vary in colour and grain pattern from piece to piece. Please understand that product will differ to what is shown by a display panel or sample. This variation is part of the natural character of the product and should not be considered a fault. 


Natural wood products react to sunlight, resulting in fading or darkening over time. For example, a natural non-coloured Oak turns more golden from sunlight exposure. This is a naturally occurring process and is not considered a product fault. In general, lighter colours tend to darken while darker colours are more likely to fade. For more information see our article Understanding the Effect of Sunlight & UV on Timber Flooring & Wood Products.

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