Buyer Awareness - Natural Timber Products

August 15, 2022

Timber is one of the most natural and unprocessed materials and has a natural aesthetic quality where no two planks are the same. Therefore it is important that we explain to our customers what contributes to colour variation and what to expect when having a timber floor installed.

Batch Variation

There may be natural colour variation between batches - it is recommended to request a current batch sample if this may be of concern to you. Note: There will be colour variation within batches that cannot be represented from a small sample.

Colour and Grain Variation

Wood is a natural product and will vary in colour and grain pattern from piece to piece. It is important to note that natural variation in wood flooring can cause a smaller sample in a showroom to look slightly different to the product once installed, as samples are just an indication of the general colour and grain pattern of the wood.  This variation is part of the natural character of the product and should not be considered a default. 

For more information, read our article Grade and Colour Variation in Wood Flooring: What you need to know


Natural wood products react to sunlight, resulting in fading or darkening over time. For example, a natural non-coloured Oak turns more golden from sunlight exposure. This is a naturally occurring process and is not considered a product fault. In general, lighter colours tend to darken while darker colours are more likely to fade.

For more information, read our article Understanding the Effect of Sunlight & UV on Timber Flooring & Wood Products.

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