What is Millboard Decking?

What is Millboard Decking?

May 20, 2018


Millboard is a game-changing decking product, hand made in the United Kingdom & molded from real timbers, resulting in incredible realistic-looking products that capture the natural beauty of wood. But unlike traditional timber - which needs regular on-going maintenance like oiling & sanding to try and stave off rotting, mould, stains, warping, cupping, fading, splinters & a host of other undesirable effects - Millboard is totally different! 

What is Millboard made of?

  • Lastane surface layer: A rubberized coating which gives the unrivaled anti-slip and non-algae surface
  • Resin mineral composite (RMC) core: Made from polyurethane resin, blended with limestone powder and fiberglass for added strength and durability
  • Additional ingredients: Fire retardants, UV stabilizers and heat-reflective pigments

How is Millboard made?

Unlike wood plastic composites, which are extruded - Millboard is a moulded product. Millboard use real sections of Oak to form their moulds. This gives Millboard the natural wood grain look, feel and aesthetics to give you that warmth, depth and beauty

  • First, the colour coatings are hand applied to the molds - this gives the colour depth and natural aesthetics
  • Next the lastane layer is applied - this is a rubberized coating which gives the unrivaled anti-slip and non-algae surface
  • Finally the core material is injected into the mould, then capped off and cured
  • A few other ingredients are added during the process - fire retardants, UV stabilizers and heat-reflective pigments
  • The products are checked, calibrated and packed for dispatch

The finished product: Looking down the board you can see the grain detail that runs the length of the board. Being a moulded product the grain detail is only on the face of the board. If you turn the board over you see the capped moulded finish from production. 


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