Premium, unique timber with distinct colours and deep textures that is almost impossible to replicate. With a variety of dimensions available, the Manor Collection is for those seeking a world class floor that makes a luxurious statement in any space.

What is Manor Collection?

The Manor Collection is a Premium timber flooring collection, designed with style and quality in mind. The collection includes several sub-ranges, all crafted from PEFC Certified French Oak. Manor Collection products feature beautiful raw-look finishes and authentic surface detailing such as heavy brushing, hand scraping and sunken knots which contribute to an authentic aged appearance. The planks are coloured with special aging stains that react with the high tannin levels of French Oak, resulting in truly exquisite colours that is almost impossible to replicate. We have had many clients tell us that no other products on the NZ market even come close.

Why choose Manor Collection? 

People usually choose Manor Collection when they are looking to add a luxurious high-end feel to their space and when they want to be able to enjoy the floor for many years to come. It is a popular choice for bars, restaurants, hotels, high-end retail, residential properties, luxury homes and more. 

How does Manor compare to other Forté flooring collections?

Manor collection products are crafted from PEFC certified French Oak, whereas our other brands are made using European Oak. The thicknesses of the Manor ranges are comparable to our Moda and Ultra ranges, however the Manor products come in wider widths which gives a more luxurious look. Manor Collection products have special surface effects such as heavy brushing, hand scraping and sunken knots which is unique to this flooring range. They are also coloured using a special aging stain whereas our other ranges are coloured using more standard methods. 

Where can Manor Collection be Used?

Manor Collection products are most commonly used for flooring, however they can also give a stunning effect when used on walls, ceilings, joinery and more. Manor Collection products can be used in both residential and commercial applications. All sub ranges excepting the Grande range are compatible for use with most types of under floor heating.

Manor Projects