Top Tips for Preventing Damage to Timber Flooring

Top Tips for Preventing Damage to Timber Flooring

November 5, 2020

Rugs & Mats

  • Use rugs or mats at entrances to minimize dirt and moisture from being tracked inside. At entrances, mats or rugs should be laid both externally and internally.
  • Opt for rugs or mats that are made from breathable materials (such as woven fabric). Avoid solid rubber or vinyl backing to prevent discolouration and moisture entrapment
  • Ensure rugs and mats are kept clean and the underside free of moisture and dirt, grit or other abrasives that could damage the floor

Furniture / Furniture moving

  • Protective felt pads should be adhered to the legs of chairs and furniture to protect the floor surface from scratches
  • Do not drag heavy objects on your timber floor. If moving heavy furniture, consider laying down a solid protective covering beforehand
  • Rubber castor wheels should be used on chairs or moving furniture where required


  • Be cautious when wearing shoes on a timber floor, as stones or other objects embedded in the sole of shoes can damage the floor
  • Stilettos with soles that are in good condition will not usually dent harder timber floor species such as Oak. However beware of stilettos that are missing the heel cap, as these can cause serious damage 


  • Keep pets nails trimmed, and paws clean and free from dirt, grit, and other abrasives


  • Excess moisture (i.e., spills or floods) should be cleaned up as soon as possible, ideally within 1 hour from occurring

Stones & other small debris

  • Any stones or other small debris that find their way indoors should be vacuumed up or removed immediately to prevent them being stood on and causing damage to your floor


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