Unique, rough-sawn timber, bringing subtle texture to a space. At 15mm thick with a hardwearing matte lacquer, Villa is for those wanting a quality, long lasting timber with a dash of character and unique point of difference.

What is Villa?

Comprised of 6 pre-finished colours, the Villa collection brings subtle texture to an interior without being overpowering. Villa products have a light rough-sawn effect to the surface with distressed edges and come pre-finished with a beautiful, hardwearing matte lacquer. Planks come in luxurious 240mm widths and are 15mm thick. Villa is also available unfinished for those who prefer a custom colour or finish. With a tongue & groove joint system we recommend that Villa is direct stuck. The Villa range can be sanded back 2-3 times over its lifetime. A 25 year residential warranty and 5 year commercial warranty is supplied with Villa. 

Why choose Villa? 

People usually opt for Villa when a unique, textural look is a priority for a space. Villa Is a quality timber flooring with a special rough-sawn effect that sparks interest and adds character to a space. Think country homes, luxury workspaces, rustic retail spaces and more. 

How does Villa compare to other Forté flooring collections?

The Villa collection is 15mm thick, in between our 14mm Urban Plank collection and our 16mm Moda Collection. At 240mm wide, Villa is wider than the majority of our collections to enhance the textural and luxurious qualities of the planks. Villa is unique due to it’s special rough-sawn effect which is not present in any other Forté range. The Villa wear layer (area above the tongue that can be re-sanded) is 4mm, meaning it can be sanded back 2-3 times over its lifetime. Due to its stable engineered construction it is likely to outlast a solid timber floor of the same dimensions.

Where can Villa be Used?

Villa can be on floors, walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial spaces. Villa is not only fantastic for flooring, it can be used for wall linings, feature walls, counter fronts and much more. Villa used on the walls will create a similar look to our popular Tactile wall panelling collection. Villa is compatible for use with most types of under floor heating.

Villa Projects